Game Night

Game night with this little one. She beat me 3X in “Dancer Spinning Game” by eeBoo. If you don’t know about eeBoo you should check the company out. Their motto is “Always Good” and we’ve always had a good time with their puzzles and games.

Play Time

When we play we play hard. It’s always difficult to peer into their beautiful little faces and tell them I can’t play right now. I play extra hard when we do however. It’s my way of making up for those times I’m unable. It’s always the goal to say yes way more than no. So, “Heck yeah! Let’s cross the lava fields and have a tea party.”

Dinner Time

Or someone falls off their seat or drops a fork full of food on the floor. Oh wait I’ve got another one…It’s not dinner until someone first gets their hair in their food. What fun things happens at your dinner table?