The HMO Zoo

Welcome to the HMO Zoo. Here you will find elephants and can listen as they stomp through the house like they’re trying to put their feet through the subfloor. We also house the sloth, who you can observe taking a lifetime to complete a simple task that should take only minutes. Then there’s the howler monkey, whose presence is made known from one end of the house to the other by the common call for bathroom assistance, “I need a butt check” for example. Stop by the skunks habitat but don’t linger; their pungent malodorous stench is bound to bring tears to your eyes. We are also proud to have within our zoo Nile Crocodiles. Did you know that the Nike Crocodile is listed among the eight animals most likely to attack you? They are moody and are known to snap without warning. And what zoo would be complete without a lion and lioness? You are invited to stop by and visit the HMO Zoo, where we always encourage you to have fun interacting with our amazing and diverse wildlife. And remember feel free to feed the animals, especially our lion.

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