Soooo That Happened

Our time at the John Deere pavilion was great until we went to the gift shop where our Littles talked me into getting them a toy. J was soon let down because she discovered there are no “girl farmers” among the action figures. She asked if Lawna and I would check one more time just to be sure. I confirmed that she was indeed correct, no female farmers. End of story right? Are you kidding me this is J we’re talking about. She asked if I would talk to the lady behind the counter. The nice cashier confirmed that there are no female figures in the store. “That’s just sad.”

J said. So we settled on horses. Once in the van Lawna tells J, “I have the boy horse and yours is the girl.” I chime in with, Lawna if you want yours to be a girl it can be a girl.”

“Oh no it can’t!” She said in a high pitch squeal. “He has boy parts!”

“Let me see that horse.” I said and you know what? She was right! So no female action figures in the John Deere Pavilion but you can find anatomically correct stallions.

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