Some of you know that I write for NXTFOCUS.com and I wanted to share this with you.

Father and CEO Tom Morse fit time into his schedule for me to ask a few questions about parenting a successful “Kidpreneur.” In his case his daughter, Alina CEO and Founder of Zollipops.

I’m so grateful when people in high positions take time out of their obviously busy schedules for others. It’s a lesson I’ve learned and will emulate.

I hope you enjoy the article and share it with others.

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You. Have. Got! To be kidding me!

Shut up! I met singer, songwriter Emily Anderson through social media, loved her music and have kept in touch. Through her I met Leland Jones and that led to my first audiobook narration job. (That led me to a list of others for another post at a different time.) Yesterday I learn that she is on tour once again but this time with a full band. Anyone of you in music know that this is a huge deal. I love to support others so I posted on the HMO instagram Page about her upcoming tour and found out from a friend, that I use to work with Emily’s father years ago! 😲

Such a small world.

Floating Island

💦 Floating Oasis Water Pad’s are awesome. Anyone else have one? BTW, my girls may grow gills soon. They’d be in the water all day every day if we let them. Seriously. If there’s a puddle they’ll want to splash in it at the very least. They’re only criteria for a hotel when we’re on the road is, “Does it have a pool?” And yep, that’s a mermaid 🧜‍♀️ fin right there.😆

And Let That Be A Lesson To…Me

“Dad, can I have a bird?”

A simple question from J. I however went ultra parent and explained in exhaustive detail the many reasons having a bird was “NOT” going to happen.

A few weeks after this mostly one sided conversation I found out that J had saved what money she had and had been asking for jobs around the house and with her Papa to make up the what she was lacking in the cost of a bird and cage.

She let me know that she did some research on line to find out how much it would cost for a bird and even called the pet store. She almost had enough money to buy the bird, “…all by herself.”

I was extremely proud of her but I just could not deal with a bird in the house. Saying no was extremely difficult.

Days later I came home to one extremely happy 7 year old. Not only had she purchased a bird and a cage but she had saved enough money for two birds. “Dad they even talk and make bird sounds.” She explained. “They will repeat everything I say! Watch this!”

She said that she came up with the idea to get these toy birds because they wouldn’t make a mess and wouldn’t need anyone to take care if them when we go on our trips. “You always talk about not giving up on our goals and I had a goal to have a bird and now I have two.”

Well played J, well played.