5 thoughts on “Summer Nights

  • I remember last summer, when I saw my first firefly in Marysville. I was outside with my grandkids catching them. I captured some in a jar, observed them, then let them go. There is a stretch of freeway coming into Marysville near the water treatment center that has clouds of them in July. Many evenings when I returned from study classes in Columbus, as I drove home through the clouds of fireflies…there would be smears of light from them being struck by my vehicle as I passed through.

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    • We ran around and caught a few as well. The girls named them and then set them free. They were so excited.
      I had to laugh about you driving by with little streaks of light on your car. πŸ˜‚

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  • It instantly took me back to Alabama at my Aunts house. I probably was close to J’s age. We chased them and caught them in jars and were totally in love with the magic. I am so happy that the girls got this experience!

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