Learning From A Master

I invite you to read what I learned interviewing Nick Tasler:

If you know the name Nick Tasler and we certainly hope you do, then the quote, “Changing the world one decision at a time.” is also familiar to you. @nick.tasler is a #husband and #father who just so happens to be an internationally acclaimed thought #leader, organizational #psychologist and four time number one best-selling #author. Your private #library most likely contains at least one of his #books, “The Impulse Factor,” “Why Quitters Win: Decide to Be Excellent,” “Domino: The Simplest Way to Inspire Change” and/or “Ricochet: What to Do When Change Happens to You.” Nick graciously gave of his time to discuss with NXTFOCUS his recent post, Confessions of a Self-Hating Motivational Speaker, where he questions the assertion that a person’s #life course could be influenced in a 45 minute to hour #inspirational or #motivational presentation.

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A Lesson From The Littles

We didn’t get the #avocado 🥑 float but we did get #doughnuts 🍩 so that’s still awesome. .

It’s cool to watch the Littles as they gain #confidence in themselves. Yesterday J #jumped from the dock and once she #conquered her initial #fear she just kept #jumping. Soon she was #running to get a #better jump and a #bigger splash. .


Lawna watched J, then stood at the edge of the dock but couldn’t #overcome her own fear and decided she’d jump from the blue Lily Pad. Which was the same way J built up her confidence to jump off the dock. .


That’s the same thing WE need to do in our #drive to #success. Do what the #successful people do. Copy their #formulas. .


At the end of the day Lawna still hadn’t jumped from the dock but in time she will. .


I hope all of you will jump too, at least once…jump.


I spent over an hour on the phone with none other than the Queen of Kindness Gabriella Van Rij. She’s one of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege to know. She has an amazing story and has also created a fantastic positive movement, “The Dare To Be Kit Movement.”

I encourage you to research it for yourself and read the amazing stories post from around the world.

You can follow The Kindness Movement on social media Twitter, Instagram and Facebook also. Tell your story or share a kind story that you’ve heard about at the website. Feel free to connect with me or ask me any questions.

Help spread kindness, the world needs more.


My wife and kids have notice what seems to be an increase in homeless or at the very least people who’ve found themselves in extremely hard times.

Seeing these people has had a profound effect on the kiddos. They’ve asked their mother about why the people are out there, if they have water because it’s hot, and shouldn’t we give them our dollars?

Together they’ve begun giving Blessing Bags and keep a supply of them in the van at all times. My relating this to you isn’t to shed light on them but to make you aware of something you could do for very little money as a random act of kindness.

So, So Amazing

I was able to conduct another interview for NXTFOCUS . This time it’s with author, motivational speaker and leadership ambassador Leland Jones.

It’s so amazing that there are extremely successful people out there who will be so kind and willing to give of their time. I’ve learned so much since becoming a writer for NXTFOCUS. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to join NXTFOCUS and be a part of a positive movement. Much love.