My Little Ornithologist

Remember me telling you about J wanting a bird more than anything?

Holy law of attraction! She found that a family of birds has nested under the eave and sheโ€™s adopted them. She’s created a bird bath with her sled and is providing them bird seed.

Do you know what happens when you allow a 7 year old to be in charge of the bird seed?Nature. Nature happens.

Our yard look like a Disney movie was being filmed. There were so many birds, bunnies and squirrels. Later that day we found that we also have chipmunks.

I figure I’ll just become a backyard wildlife photographer.

2 thoughts on “My Little Ornithologist

  • J has created a habitat. I love it. But I have to warn you buy good bird seed, we bought some with thistle seed in it and the squirrels knocked it into the grass in their greed. Mike crawled around for a week pulling up thistle weed. We changed brands. Ahh nature!

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