A Lesson From The Littles

We didn’t get the #avocado 🥑 float but we did get #doughnuts 🍩 so that’s still awesome. .

It’s cool to watch the Littles as they gain #confidence in themselves. Yesterday J #jumped from the dock and once she #conquered her initial #fear she just kept #jumping. Soon she was #running to get a #better jump and a #bigger splash. .


Lawna watched J, then stood at the edge of the dock but couldn’t #overcome her own fear and decided she’d jump from the blue Lily Pad. Which was the same way J built up her confidence to jump off the dock. .


That’s the same thing WE need to do in our #drive to #success. Do what the #successful people do. Copy their #formulas. .


At the end of the day Lawna still hadn’t jumped from the dock but in time she will. .


I hope all of you will jump too, at least once…jump.

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