Learning From A Master

I invite you to read what I learned interviewing Nick Tasler:

If you know the name Nick Tasler and we certainly hope you do, then the quote, “Changing the world one decision at a time.” is also familiar to you. @nick.tasler is a #husband and #father who just so happens to be an internationally acclaimed thought #leader, organizational #psychologist and four time number one best-selling #author. Your private #library most likely contains at least one of his #books, “The Impulse Factor,” “Why Quitters Win: Decide to Be Excellent,” “Domino: The Simplest Way to Inspire Change” and/or “Ricochet: What to Do When Change Happens to You.” Nick graciously gave of his time to discuss with NXTFOCUS his recent post, Confessions of a Self-Hating Motivational Speaker, where he questions the assertion that a person’s #life course could be influenced in a 45 minute to hour #inspirational or #motivational presentation.

Read my interview at NXTFOCUS.com you can follow for more @nxtfocus

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