First Graders Rock

I had the privilege of reading “The Butterfly Catcher” to Mrs. Seng’s 1st grade class.

We discussed the message of kindness and what kindness means to each one of these amazing kiddos.

We then created our own story of kindness about animals who become friends when one gives food to the other. We shared one more book: “If You Plant A Seed” by Kadir Nelson. (One of my favorites)

Next time I visit, we’ll create origami, share stories and talk more about kindness and what it means to be a “Kindness Instigator.”

Remember October is the National Bullying Prevention month. Help instigate kindness. Be a part of the Dare To Be Kind global movement.

I’d love to visit you and your group of kiddos and help them develop their own story and to teach them about kindness and why it’s so important.

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