The Ladies of Neon Moon

Don’t the Neon Moon Babes look stunning!

NEON MOON strives to empower women and to be part of a support network for everyone, not just those who work for them or buy from them. They aim to lift up as many people as possible. .

Read our inspiring interview with the CEO of Neon Moon, Hayat Rachi a.k.a Queen Hayat.

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Our Kiddog

Having Ruthie Dog is just like having another #kid. She has to have her #toys, she has her favorite ones and we’re always stepping on or tripping over one. She’s been known to #destroy the so called “#dogproof” toys in minutes. (Not that my kiddos have destroyed a dog proof toy.) As soon as we clean up her toys she’ll go pull them right out of her toy box and the cycle begins a new. .

We love you Ruthie Dog.

My Little Ornithologist

Remember me telling you about J wanting a bird more than anything?

Holy law of attraction! She found that a family of birds has nested under the eave and she’s adopted them. She’s created a bird bath with her sled and is providing them bird seed.

Do you know what happens when you allow a 7 year old to be in charge of the bird seed?Nature. Nature happens.

Our yard look like a Disney movie was being filmed. There were so many birds, bunnies and squirrels. Later that day we found that we also have chipmunks.

I figure I’ll just become a backyard wildlife photographer.