It’s A Wonderful Life

I know, can you believe Bobbie Folsom, Gabriella van Rij and I were able to take a photo with Lawna! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Seriously, it has been an honor spending time with author and world renowned anti bullying and kindness expert Gabriella Von Rij and her awesome manager Bobbie. Gabriella has authored 3 must read books: “With All My Might,” “I Can Find My Might” and “Watch Your Delivery.” She has created the “Dare Yo Be Kind Global Movement.


The mission of “#DaretobeKind – a Global Movement” is to reveal how Kindness can be used in practical ways to build safer communities and healthier relationships.

We believe one person’s purposeful act of Kindness within a two-mile radius can launch positive and exceptional outcomes within governments, industries, justice systems, and throughout every sector of society.

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This is the unfortunate result of throwing trash in the river and on the beach. J asked that we post her pics so maybe people would clean up after themselves. “They are hurting earth, fish and little kids.” She cried. Today she’s doing much better and scooting throughout the house. She’d like to express this last thought, “Throwing your trash in the river is completely unacceptable.” We couldn’t agree more.